June '10

Thursday, June 24th, 4:39am.:

So it's been WAAAY~!!!! too long since I've updated the site. Again, that's just how things go. I'm freelowing and flowing for free so don't bite my efforts, just enjoy what you get out of life. I've got some videos that haven't been put up that have been made over the period of not absence to the site. Here they are. Enjoy°

May '10

Friday, May 14th, 2:28pm Est.:

Here's some footage we all got yesterday. The weather seems nice even when it's hot at times so we've been trying to take advantage of that. I'm going to try to go to Raleigh today to get another board. The one I've been skating has been broken for the past two weeks and has been holding as strong as a flimsy toothpick could. Well better than most would expect it to for me, but it's a poor quality board. So I'm hoping to be filming again later on today°


Friday, May 14th, 1:52am Est.:

Aaron always seems to do such a great job at showing skating in a way that gets people wanting to do what he does. Which is amazing to me. We love having him on the site, and he keeps making a normal session so much more. I hope you enjoy some footage that he got together in a very short amount of time°


Thursday, May 13th, 10:33pm Est.:

Here is a clip from Isreal Garcia. He's been in and out and all about. It's hard to get up with him, but he throws down when he's in town. I'll have something else coming out tonight if at all possible°


Wednesday, May 12th, 10:00pm Est.:

I'm going to bed. I've got more comming tomorrow. Much love°


Wednesday, May 12th, 9:08pm Est.:

It's been way too long since I've updated the site. So since I've made it through my first year as a graphics design student, and I got decent to really nice grades in all my classes... I'm going to be putting forth alot of effort into the website. Some things may change over the summer. I'm looking to re-calibrate a team, if at all possible, and have them doing much more than we've seen before. Sebastian Bennet has become quite the craftsman and is going to become a huge help to the website, so please thank him for most of the things you enjoy in the coming months. I'll see about getting things started off right as soon as I can. Give me alittle time to get into the groove of things and I'll make things better than they were before. Always learning. Always improving. We are success.°

April '10

Thursday, April 15th, 10:52am Est.:

I'm sitting in class waiting for it to start. Might as well update the site. It's been too long. Sorry.

So here's a clip from Aaron Chalkly. Hope you enjoy°


Saturday, April 3rd, 8:30pm Est.:

Here is that second montage I promised. Sorry it took so long. i'm hoping for more and better ones to come faster than you anticipate°

March '10

Wednesday, March 31st, 11:08am Est.:

I'm posting up two videos. One being a segment and the other a montage. I'll be posting another montage later on today if things work out right. In the mean-time, enjoy°


Tuesday, March 30th, 8:35am Est.:

Sebastian's Edit is almost complete, so that will be available soon. Also some of you already know, to others this will come as dreary news. We never planned to keep the name "Roll the Dice" as our site. For many reasons it was just a temporary stage platform to allow us time to rethink our positon after the negotiations of the end of what was known as 'BlackLight'. The theme behind 'RolltheDice' was that we were always taking chances, trying new things, and really alot just hoping for the best. We are clearly aware that there are times you don't leave things up to chance. 'RTD' just being a reminder to live life to the fullest, nomatter what path you choose to take. With that being said, you can expect to be soon reading a date for transfer. Where this will nolonger be the home of what is now, what once was, or what is to come. I'll post more soon°


Monday, March 29th, 8:03am Est.:

I know it's been about two weeks now. Sorry! Alot of things to do as always. Which never amount to anything when I look back on them. Oh well. On a brighter note we've got a sebby edit coming out soon. The clip is rather refreshing from what I do. So give it a few days and check it out! Sorry for not having nothing to show for my words today, but I'll do my best to make up for that here shortly°


Monday, March 15th, 4:16am Est.:

Some photos over a small time span. I should be doing this more. Haha who knows.°


Thursday, March 11th, 11:30pm Est.:

I found the bulk of older footage that was lying around my office. I decided to go ahead and use this portion of the remainder and make a small segment. There is also a nice throw away clip of Daniel provided. Also, we aren't planning anything as of right now, but you can bet that the changes we have been talking about arn't finshed. There are still a few drastic ones to be completed.°


Tuesday, March 9th, 10:43pm Est.:

Learning is an ever-important part of life, and as skateboarding grows and we grow. We expect new things of ourselves. So I took the time out of some of my days to do some studying on how to bring about new techniques for your benift. Hope you enjoy.°


Tuesday, March 9th, 3:05pm Est.:

Here are two clips you might enjoy... since we've changed somethings around and gotten more involved.


Wednesday, March 3rd, 5:17pm Est.:

When Daniel Gets To Work He Can Make It Happen.°


Wednesday, March 3rd, 4:07pm Est.:

The website is going to change soon and so are alot of other things! We're excited to inform you, that in the coming Spring, things are going to get serious. Cause we love you.°

Here's Some Of Will Getting Ready For The New Changes.


Tuesday, March 2nd, 12:45am Est.:

I'm Sorry I Haven't Been Updating In A Week Or So... I'm Back On Track. Here's Something. Not Much, But Theres Alot More. Be Happy°



Thursday, February 18th, 2:42am Est.:

I got the time to do some work. Here's the footage of the past two weeks. (Excluding "a few" things.)°


Tuesday, February 16th, 10:53am Est.:

I'm going to apologize in advance. Turns out this week is going to be hectice. I should be staying in the studio doing art for much longer than normal this week, which means that i won't be in the editorial office as much. I've got alot of work to get done, and it's times like these that I wish i had some assitance that I could count on to do the job as good or better. I'll have things out as I can. Love the roll°


Monday, February 15th, 1:22am Est.:

Okay. Again. Sorry, Another weekend has gone past, which gave me little time to do anything to the website, and again... simply because we were so-very-busy doing soo much FOR the website. So over this week, please look forward to TWO WEEKS worth of work to enjoy.°

Thursday, February 11th, 10:03pm Est.:

 This is just something we threw together, it's okay. 

More throwaway, because we love you and we only want to deliver the best on D-day...DvD-DAY!! xD

Wednesday, February 10th, 10:00am Est.:

Always look both ways.

Wednesday, February 10th, 2:33am Est.:

I can't sleep. So here's a line for today. Enjoy°

Monday, February 8th, 6:38pm Est.:

We're Filming (Now In HD), But "NOT" In HD.

HD Will Be Coming Soon.

Monday, February 8th, 5:45pm Est.:

That Was So Rancid

Monday, February 8th, 4:29pm Est.:

This Is A Small Promo For What's To Come.

Sunday, February 7th, 11:01pm Est.:

Okay. Sorry, I'm not adding anything new to the site tonight. That DOES NOT mean that we don't have anything new to show you. *Wink Wink* We are also aware of the error in the IP_address when you click to open the mini clip, ("A small clip" - [Edit: No Longer] posted below.) We will make up for that soon, promise.
As intellegent human beings, we have responsibilites to handle, school, work, etc... We'll have you something to show for our efforts soon! Goodnight°

Thursday, February 5th, 12am Est.:

We Went Skating Today And We Got Some Photos That Seem Pretty Cool So We Thought We'd Share Them. Also If You're Wondering Where The Old "Footage" Went, And Why You Have Yet To See Anything New. It's Because We Are Doing Something Special With What We Have Now And You Don't Get To Know About That. Sorry°

Thursday, February 4th, 9:16pm Est.:

This Is The Selection Of Pretty Cool Photos By Eric Torres.
The White Pants Edition:

Monday February 1st, 5:26pm Est.:

We Took A Trip To Fayetteville Amidst A Snow Storm. Pretty Fun!