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Monday February 1st, 5:26pm Est.:

The Snow Was Something Else! My Dog Certainly Didn't Mind!

We Decided To Go Skating Anyway!

The Roads Wern't The Best...

Still... I Managed To Find Some Amazing Places On The Way There.

Keith Is As Awesome As Always!
Well after a decent trip we finally made our way into the heart of fayetteville and we decided that since the plaza was having "technical" difficulties... we would go to Duhville Skateshop To See Some Family!

We Found Dustin! Well, He Found Us!

Dustin Smith Is An Awesome Guy!

Tyller Might Not Agree. They Both Got Mad Style!

We Found Some Free Mags In The Shop....
TURN YOUR HEARD SIDEWAYS!!! THIS IS TOM HYSON!! He's On The Cover Of For The Krew Magazine. If You Go To Thier Site. You Can Find The Digital Magazine Issue! (It's A Pop-Up. That You Have To Flip The Pages With Your Mouse.)

We Decided To Leave The Shop And Go To The Mill. A Local Free Indoor Skatepark Sponsored By Mana Church, And R.U.S.H.

Thier Open And Dustin Smith's Mouth Is Too.

There's No Doubt That He's A Good Skater.

David Chayko, This Is A Long-Time Friend Of Mine. One Of The First 5 Friends I Ever Made From Riding A Skateboard. He's Timeless, As Well Proven.

He Rides Flow For Es Shoes.

This Is Kenton.

Kenton Is A Beast!

We Decided To Peel Out And Head Home.

This Is A City Clean Up Crew.... Their Having Fun.

I'm not sure, but someone's not having fun right now. That's for sure.

All In All We Had Fun With This Winter's Extravaganza! Haha°